by Mike Diesburg
(Casper, WY)

I just found this site a couple of weeks ago - very informative!

I've always been a believer in cross training, no matter what activity is one's main focus. For runners, though, I don't recall much being said about cross country skiing as a good choice. I know a lot of cyclists in the northern states like to cross train via skate skiing. What about runners? Also, between skate skiing and classic, what technique would be more beneficial to runners?

Mike D.

I'm not an expert on this subject, but I'm not afraid of research. From what I've read, cross country skiing is a perfect cross training activity for runners.

In an older study (1991), they tested cross country skiing vs. running to see which group improved more aerobically, and they were equal.
Here's the article

One more thing. I recommend classic skiing. The movements are more like running - straight ahead.

Happy Trails - Coach Tief


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Oct 11, 2015
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