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My name is Charles Ruppert, I live close to the area and I was wondering if you had the time for a few questions you could answer. I'm currently enlisting into the USAF, in the battlefield airmen career field which has heavy emphasis on running, I am at mostly a loss In finding information for running, I have a pt test I take once a week and excel at everything with the exception of running.

The run is a 1.5 mi run that should be done in 10:10 or faster but the preference is 9:00, my time is closer to 11:00

Do you know of any websites, books or videos that show correct running form?

One of my biggest issues is breathing, I have been told I'm breathing to fast, and to shallow, mostly just in my chest, do you know of anything to help improve this?

Thank you for your time in reading this and I understand if you are to busy to meet in person, any information regarding the subject is highly appreciated.


The best way I can answer these three questions is with two videos I have done on each subject. First, here is a video for proper running form.

Next up, how to breath while running.

Finally, here is a video for some strategy during the race. Basically, don't go out too fast. The video is for a two mile race, but much of this could apply to your 1 1/2 mile race.

I hope these videos help.

Happy Trails - Coach Tief

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Aug 24, 2015
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