Training days routine

by M R
(Phila, pa)


You give some excellent examples of different types of runs. For someone running 2- 3 mile races, how often should each be incorporated in a week?

Is one hard workout (speed interval or hill work) a week, 2 long distance runs, one easy short distance run, 2 tempo or Fartlek runs and one day off sound normal to vary for a week?

How many miles a week is a good goal to shoot for overall with the distance runs.
Looking to run 2 miles around 12 minutes.

Any advice appreciated


Hello Marc,

It's hard to say how many total miles you should run, but usually the more you can run, the more you will improve.

I like your schedule of running right now. One off day, three distance runs (including your two long runs) and then three higher intensity workouts is about right.

During my high school years, I didn't do more than 30 miles per week, but the intensity of the harder workouts was very high. When it was time for intervals or fartleks, I was running probably harder than I should have been. The other side of it though was I did take it pretty easy on the easy runs.

Typically, my longest run in high school was only 5 or 6 miles. This is something that should have been changed and I should have been running a 8 to 10 mile longer run so I could run a better 2 mile run or 5k.

In college I had problems getting my mileage up because my knees would get tendonitis (I've had two knee surgeries that were due to injuries unrelated to running).

The biggest thing that you can do to make sure you improve without injuring yourself is to watch how much you ramp up your mileage or the intensity of your harder workouts.

The best route would be to keep the same level of intensity and start building up your mileage slowly. On weeks where you have a race, make sure to give yourself at least two days of easy runs before the race. Don't do an interval workout, or fartleks the day before, or even two days before the race. See where you are at after each race, and then analyze your workouts. If more mileage doesn't produce results, then you change the intensity of the workouts.

I hope some of this helps. You have a great plan in place, and it should produce some positive results for you.

Happy Trails - Coach Tief

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