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tips4running Quarterly, Issue # 9 - A Fresh Start
March 03, 2011

Winter 2010/2011

A Fresh Start has one focus. I want help you keep running. Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned veteran, or a former runner who is on the comeback trail, I hope the tips you find here will help you stay motivated. So, run to stay in shape. Run to get ready for your big race. Run for fun. No matter your reasons, wants to help you get out that door.

Complete Running Programs

The tips4running beginner running plan is here!

Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight - The title says it all. My goal when creating this beginner running program is to cover every aspect of starting a running program. First, you set your goals. Second, you need to take a look at your diet critically and see if it needs adjusting. Finally, choose the right program for you. There are four programs included. Walking - Walk/Jog Mixed - Walk/Jog - Run right away. You make the choice based on your current fitness level. It's getting rave reviews and creating outstanding results. Click on the link above to see if this is right for you.

The best marathon plan there is at tips4running!

The 100 Day Marathon Plan - This is a complete program that takes you from your first day of training to crossing the finish line of your best marathon ever. Written by a two time Olympian, it is for any level of marathon runner. Pick your target finish time between 2 hours and 45 minutes up to 5 hours and use one of the eight schedules that fit your goals.

tips4running Newest Pages


Ryan Hall - U.S. Olympic Marathon Runner - Just released a new book, "Running With Joy."

Marius Bakken - Creator of the 100 Day Marathon Plan - Norwegian Olympic Distance Runner.

Caitlin Boyle - Runner and Blogger - Author of "Operation Beautiful."

Boston Marathon Qualifying Times - The 2011 Boston Marathon filled up in record time. Now qualifying standards have changed. Learn what you can do to qualify.

100 Meter Run Tips Look at different strategies for running a great 1000 meter dash. This event is typically run during indoor track season.

Ask Coach Tief - I don't have all the answers, but I can steer you in the right direction.
The Future of tips4running

More Runner Interviews - Looking at interviewing more big names in the running world. I'll keep you posted!

Work Advancing…
A half marathon plan and a complete 5k training plan.

Early Planning Stages (Don’t expect these for a long time)... Instructional Videos.

Ultimate Goals…
1. Have my own t4r beginner walk/run book for sale - DONE!!!
2. A complete t4r instructional running video on track and cross country for sale.
3. Training my sister's cats to run a 5k. (Just kidding with this one) Her cats are really overweight though. They need some exercise.
Thanks for reading. I hope you keep on visiting. Don't be afraid to Contact me to let me know what you liked or didn't like about the ezine or the website.

Take care - Coach Tief
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