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tips4running Quarterly, Issue # 1 - Run With Passion
February 28, 2009

Winter 2009

Run With Passion

tips4running has one focus. I want help you keep running. Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned veteran, or a former runner who is on the comeback trail, I hope the tips you find here will help you stay motivated. So, run to stay in shape. Run to get ready for your big race. Run for fun. No matter your reasons, wants to help you get out that door.

Table of Contents

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t4r's Newest Pages - Preseason Tips.

Running Story – How I Learned to Run With Passion.

Workout – Photo Scavenger Hunt.

The future of t4r – Cross Training Pages, Videos, Running Logs & More.

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tips4running Newest Pages - Preseason Tips

The section most recently added to t4r is Preseason Training Tips. This group of pages focuses on six different aspects of making the preseason pay off during track or cross country. Track happens in the spring here in the U.S. That is why I think this section is of the most importance right now. If you don’t run competitively there is still some valuable information in this section. Be sure to check the smart goals and the speed training links.

1. Smart Goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic goals set against a Timetable S. M. A. R. T. You can use smart goals for running, personal, and financial goals.

2. The 10% Rule – Don’t increase your distance ran per week by more than 10%. If you do, you are significantly increasing your chances for a running injury.

3. Fresh Shoes – Usually being in the preseason means you just ended a regular season of Track or Cross Country. Make sure your shoes don’t have too many miles on them.

4. Running Partners – This makes for great teams and for getting a great friend for life.

5. Speed Training – You should always “touch” speed on at least half of your runs. Don’t do a lot, but don’t lose that quickness. Long slow miles equals a long slow race pace.

6. Cross Train – Be active in the off-season. Do something besides mess around on the computer or watch too much TV. (I should take this advice too) Go out biking, swimming, hiking, play ultimate Frisbee, touch football, or something that gets the blood moving.

Running Story - Run With Passion

The following two articles are both featured on I write articles for this site to generate back links to Currently I have a total of five articles written for Feel free to check them out, comment on them, and rate them. Thanks!

Everyone knows how to run with passion. Remember when the kid down the block challenged you to a race. You lined up on the sidewalk, and there was no chance this goofball with the permanent Kool-Aid mustache was going to beat you. A friend would call out "Ready, Set, Go!" and the race began. With your head tilted back, your knees and elbows flying all over the place, you ran your guts out to beat that snotty nosed kid.

Wouldn't it be great to run with the excitement you felt as a kid again. It took me a while to figure out how to do it once I grew up, but now I always have my heart in the race. In high school, the kid I always wanted to beat was my older brother. For my first three years, every workout and race provided another chance to defeat him. Unfortunately for me, my brother's goal was to beat me too. I beat him once in a race, which was fantastic. The only problem was, after my junior year, he graduated.

My senior year was strange. I was the best distance runner on our track team, and I didn't have anyone to go after. For half of the season, I just plodded through my races. I was just out there running. No passion. No heart. Then came the race that changed my life. The race against Jerky McJerkster. Obviously, this isn't his real name, but it fits him well.

I was at a pretty small invite, and I was running the mile. We lined up according to our seed times. Jerky was the number one seed for the race, and I was right next to him. Picture the neighborhood bully. Beady eyes, dirty hair with a rat tail dangling down his neck, complete with a stupid smirk on his face. That was Jerky. Moments before the race began he turned to me and asked what time I wanted to run. Stunned that he had any interest in me, I gave him an honest answer. "Well, I never have run under 4:40, so I'd like to get in the 4:30's today."

"I'm gonna run 4:24," he declared. I know what you're thinking. What a colossal jerk!

BANG. We were off. Jerky took the lead, and I tucked right in behind him. I wasn't going to let him run away with this race after his brash prediction. I wanted to beat him so bad. He was running quick, but not fast enough to shake me. My eyes were locked onto the back of his yellow jersey. Two laps went by and we had totally separated from the rest of the field. I could feel his pace slowing down, so in a fit of running rage, I took the lead.

Hopping mad and determined to win, I ran like my feet were on fire. Every step I took, I imagined burying Jerky McJerkster in my dust. My lungs started to burn. My legs were aching. I crossed the line for the final lap. My dreams were starting to become reality. I was winning. I rounded the turn and headed towards backstretch. My coach was by the 200 meter mark screaming his head off. "You gotta go now! He's coming!"

Half a lap to go, and into the final turn. I was still charging ahead, but I could hear footsteps by my side. The turn ended. I could see the finish line, but Jerky had pulled even. Oh no! He started to pass me. I had nothing left to give. I put my head down and reached inside to find another gear. Nothing there. He was ahead of me by a couple meters and the finish line was fast approaching. His arms started to flail. Maybe I could still get him. One last push to the line and...

He won. What a tragic ending, right. Well, not really. That race changed my life. I lost, but I realized what I had done. I ran with heart, with passion. I found that inner strength and determination again.

Every race after that in high school and college, I toed the line with purpose. Pushing myself was no longer a problem. Whenever the halfway point in the race came, I went for it. No matter if it was an 800 or a 10K. I loved that feeling, that passion for running, that passion for life.

When you come to the halfway point in your next race, push yourself. Imagine that goofy next door neighbor is behind you. It's not about racing someone. It's about racing yourself. Run with purpose. Run with heart. Run with passion.

By the way, my time in that race - 4:29. I guess I didn't get my goal, but neither did Mr. McJerkster.

Running Workout – The Photo Scavenger Hunt

What exactly is, "The Photo Scavenger Hunt?" Well, simply put, you run around your town finding different things to take pictures of. You set a specific amount of time to run, and take as many pictures you can find on your scavenger hunt list.

I am a cross country and track coach. Every season we do this workout as an easy run. We break the team up into groups of five to eight runners. Each group gets a disposable camera. The group then gets a list of items that they need to take a picture of. The only catch with taking a photo is your entire group, minus the camera person, must be in the photo. That way we know that every runner from each group was at each location.

This workout works for individuals too. Just grab the camera, get a list of things to take photos of, and head on out the door. Make sure you set a specific time limit, so you don't waste time searching for one thing too long. The idea is to get as many things as possible in a short amount of time. It is almost like running a bunch of mixed distance intervals with short recovery.

Here is an example list of items that we used for the past seasons cross country photo scavenger hunt. They were given 45 minutes to try and get as many pictures of these items. Now some things are picked specifically for the distance they need to run to get them. Smarter groups will plan their route so they can cover the least amount of ground and maximize the number of pictures taken.

1. By a restaurant. 2. With a stranger. 3. By some water. 4. In the woods. 5. Help pump some gas. 6. By a church. 7. On some swings. 8. Doing your favorite stretch. 9. By the water tower. 10. By your favorite car. 11. Doing yard work. 12. Helping a citizen cross the road. 13. By the railroad tracks. 14. On the football field. 15. By an ugly car.

Now, some of these locations are more than one mile from where we start. If our runners planned ahead, they could make a complete loop of five miles and cover each item on the list. This makes for a nine minute mile pace. Now add in the fact that you have to stop for the picture. You end up with a fun, yet somewhat challenging workout.

I never saw a group of kids get so excited to run before I did this. They asked to do it every week. I told them that it is quite expensive for the whole team to do this. Our bill was just under $100 for eight disposable cameras and then development of the pictures.

So there you have it. A true "fun" run. I am going to develop one on my own for training this summer. The world seems a lot brighter and more exciting when you have to look for certain things. It makes running fun and fresh, even for an old running veteran like me. Try it out. I bet you'll like it.

The Future of t4r

1. Cross Training Pages – Biking, Circuit Training
2. Track Pages – Running the 400, 800, Mile (or 1500-1600)

Work Advancing…
1. Track Pages – Running the 3000 Steeplechase, 3200, 5K and 10K
2. Running for Weight Loss Section
3. Running Recipes Pages– Night before a race, and Race Day Foods

Early Planning Stages (Don’t expect these for a long time)…
1. A new look and feel for the website along with a cool design for the t4r logo
2. Instructional Running Videos

Ultimate Goals…
1. Have my own t4r running gear for sale
2. Create a complete t4r instructional running video on track and cross country for sale
3. Use the running videos to brainwash my runners and take over the world with them. Okay - I am kidding with this one.

Thanks for reading. I hope you keep on visiting. Don't be afraid to Contact me to let me know what you liked or didn't like about the ezine or the website. Take care - Coach Tief

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