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tips4running Quarterly, Issue # 6 - A Running Renewal
March 21, 2010

Spring 2010

Running Renewal has one focus. I want help you keep running. Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned veteran, or a former runner who is on the comeback trail, I hope the tips you find here will help you stay motivated. So, run to stay in shape. Run to get ready for your big race. Run for fun. No matter your reasons, wants to help you get out that door.

Table of Contents

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t4r's Newest Pages – An Honorable Run.

Running Story – Running Renewal.

Workout – Barefoot Run.

The future of t4r – Walk or Run for Weight Loss.

Support t4r

Support t4r began on November 8th, 2008. I wasn't sure if it was going to be a successful site, but I have no doubt now that t4r is here to stay. The site now gets over 400 visitors daily. With the addition of an amazing 100 Day Marathon Plan , the site offers information for any level of runner.

You can help t4r by doing what you would normally do, use my site. If you find something you like that I am affiliated with, buy it! That's how can stay in the running business.

My brother always used this saying, “If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.” He just wanted to say the words athletic supporter (you know – a jock strap). I bet that joke didn’t go over too well. Anyways, thanks for your continued support ;)

tips4running Newest Pages - An Honorable Run, and The 100 Day Marathon Plan Review

Matt McCue is the author of a fantastic new book titled An Honorable Run. This absolutely wonderful story details his relationships with two coaches. First he runs for Coach Bob Brown. He is very successful in high school and then runs for Coach Mark Wetmore at the University of Colorado. It is a touching and detailed account on the struggles of being totally dedicated to the sport of running. You can find a href="">An Honorable Run on sale now at

In addition to the book review on I got the chance to interview Matt McCue about his book. It was a wonderful interview. You can read the interview and listen to the audio of my chat with Matt McCue right here. We talked about his book, what he is writing about right now, and his running career.

It seems I am on a reading kick. Another new section at is my review of the 100 Day Marathon Plan, written by Marius Bakken. I learned so much about running from this plan, I just can't say enough about it. Marius Bakken maximized his running career by training hard, but also by training incredibly smart. His plan details what it takes to train for a successful marathon. Every base is covered. Shoes, Workouts, Diet, Pacing, Race Day Strategy. It's all there. You can read my review for more information, or look at the 100 Day Marathon Plan right now.

Running Story - A Running Renewal

*Before you start this story, you should know that I use the t4r ezine to be more descriptive. On the website, I attempt to be quick and concise. Here, I can elaborate on my running experiences. I hope you don’t mind*

This spring, I am going to try something completely new. I am going barefoot. Well, not completely barefoot yet. I bought a pair of Vibram Five Fingers because there was still snow on the ground for most of March here in Wisconsin. That's a bit too cold for my feet. All the rage these days is the benefits that barefoot running can offer. Instead of sitting on the sideline and spouting off my views, I'm jumping right in, feet first of course.

With the help of a detailed outline at Runner's World, I have started my barefoot running. Each week I am running only one mile more. I started with one mile on my first week. The second week, I ran one mile on Tuesday, and one mile on Saturday. The third week I ran one mile three different times. Barefoot running needs to be gradually worked into. Instead of confusing myself or my feet, I have left the regular running shoes completely behind. I am all in.

So how's it going. It's weird. I feel like a little kid. My legs are pretty sore, but my feet are doing quite fine. From my knees down to my ankles, there is some general soreness. The best thing about barefoot running is the immediate feedback you get when running. You hold your posture together better. Your feet feel for the ground and you add a little spring in your step. Instead of pounding the pavement, you lightly dance down the road.

Running Workout – Bike-Run-Bike-Run

This workout is best for people who like biathlons and triathlons. The hardest transition by far is going from the bike to running in a triathlon. It's also a good workout if you are stuck in a gym or fitness center and you want to mix up your routine.

Many of the workouts that I come up with just spring up due to boredom. I love to try new things so I can be entertained. Even when I lift, I don't stick with the same routine for too long. I like to think of myself as staying in great shape, but also being versatile. I like to play basketball, baseball, and run. I know that with some of my workouts, I am not optimizing my running talents, but the days of my highly competitive running are behind me. One of my hero's growing up was Bruce Lee. He emphasized "real world strength." Being able to bench press a lot of weight is one thing. Sure you develop the ability to push a lot of weight above your chest if you are laying down, but how much does that translate into real world activities.

The bike-run-bike-run workout is simply designed to get your heart rate up while getting your body used to different activities back to back.

The workout is really simple. I jog for five minutes and then bike for five minutes easy. The next two sets are much harder. I run hard for five, bike hard for five, and repeat the set. The last set is easy again. It works out to a forty minute workout that challenges you physically and mentally. One of the best things about transitioning from bike to run multiple times is it makes you really focus on running form. Running doesn't feel natural after a biking session. You really have to focus on lifting your knees and how your foot strikes the ground. In any distance running race, you have to be mentally tough at the end. An intense focus on your running form can help you when you are extremely fatigued. Have fun with it. It sure breaks up the monotony of being stuck in a fitness center.

The Future of t4r

1. Barefoot Running Tips.
2. Running with a Training Partner

Work Advancing…
1. The tips4running Walk or Run for Weight Loss E-Book
2. Summer Running

Early Planning Stages (Don’t expect these for a long time)…
1. A new look and feel for the website. (I did add a new graphic on top).
2. Instructional Running Video Clips.

Ultimate Goals…
1. Have my own t4r running gear for sale
2. A complete t4r instructional running video on track and cross country for sale.
3. Running on your hands. The next big thing in running. (Just kidding with this one.).
Thanks for reading. I hope you keep on visiting. Don't be afraid to Contact me to let me know what you liked or didn't like about the ezine or the website.

Take care - Coach Tief
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