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tips4running Quarterly, Issue # 7 - The Beginner Running Plan
June 27, 2010

Summer 2010

Beginner Running Plan has one focus. I want help you keep running. Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned veteran, or a former runner who is on the comeback trail, I hope the tips you find here will help you stay motivated. So, run to stay in shape. Run to get ready for your big race. Run for fun. No matter your reasons, wants to help you get out that door.

Table of Contents

Support t4r -

t4r's Newest Pages – Training Ideas, New Interviews.

Running Story – Children's Running Poem.

Workout – Progressive Park Run.

The future of t4r – Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight.

Support t4r

Support t4r began on November 8th, 2008. I wasn't sure if it was going to be a successful site, but I have no doubt now that t4r is here to stay. The site now gets over 500 visitors daily. With the addition of an amazing 100 Day Marathon Plan , the site offers information for any level of runner.

You can help t4r by doing what you would normally do, use my site. If you find something you like that I am affiliated with, buy it! That's how can stay in the running business.

My brother always used this saying, “If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.” He just wanted to say the words athletic supporter (you know – a jock strap). I bet that joke didn’t go over too well. Anyways, thanks for your continued support ;)

tips4running Newest Pages - How to make running a priority and the Steve Magness interview.

A lot people mention that the training for a marathon is difficult. I find that finding time to train can be even more difficult. The Train For Marathon Running article addresses this issue. Stay motivated and find the time to get yourself in excellent shape.

I really love doing interviews, and had the chance to speak with a great runner and coach, Steve Magness. The Steve Magness Interview focused on the best training principles as well as how you should get into the sport of running. We also talked about running form and barefoot running.

Running Story - Children's Running Poem

*Before you start this story, you should know that I use the t4r ezine to be more descriptive. On the website, I attempt to be quick and concise. Here, I can elaborate on my running experiences. I hope you don’t mind*

I have three young children and have been reading a plethora of Dr Suess to the youth. I thought it would be fun to craft a poem about a run. Humor me and read it. Don't worry it will soon be done.

My Little Runners.

My three kids aged four, three, and one
don't ever stop, they always run.
Of course they all run a little strange
it seems they must always test their running range.

First up is my four year old boy
To see him run, oh what a joy.
Blazing fast speed with a smile and giggle
never in a straight line, he prefers to squiggle.
If there is a dull moment during the week,
he'll drop his shorts and go for a streak.
My next little runner is a three year old girl
She likes to hop, jump and twirl.
Never walking, it's always a prance
little twinkle toes skip and dance.
Don't underestimate this little girl's speed
If you leave out a cookie, it's gone, indeed.

The tiniest runner is my 14 month old son,
and yes I say yes he can already run.
He bumbled and stumbled at the age of eight months
ever determined no matter how many bumps.
Now his new favorite thing to do
is pull heating vents off the ground and run away from you.

All in all they are a fun bunch
they only sit down for breakfast, dinner, or lunch.
It's getting late, I must lay down my pen
because at 6 am the running will start again.

Running Workout – Progressive Park Run

I have an issue with starting my runs at too quick of a pace. The best way for me to monitor this is to run a route that repeats itself. This is how I came up with the Progressive Park Run.

Running on the grass really helps me. It keeps my knees pain free, and it feels so good if you run barefoot or with Vibram Five Fingers. Only a quarter mile from my house is a small park. I am not sure how long the perimeter of the park is, but I think one lap is about one third of a mile.

The Progressive Park Run Workout is simply designed to help you start easy and finish fast. One important skill for every runner to work on is how to run faster, but remain relaxed. When you do a progressive run, you have to try and continue to pick up the pace. At the park, I time each lap that I run. Every lap should be faster, but not by too much. There is incentive to start off slow on a workout like this because I know I have to finish much faster. If I am going to be running five laps, I will focus on a different element of my running each lap.

In the first lap, I might be thinking about staying nice and easy. The second lap, I could work on taking good angles so I can keep my momentum going at each corner. During the third lap I will concentrate on perfect running form. The fourth lap I will try to run as fast as possible while staying comfortable. For the fifth and final lap, I will stay relaxed and fast as possible until the homestretch where I open it up and sprint to the finish.

This isn't something I do everyday, but it is a great way to learn how to start a race relaxed and finish strong. Try out the Progressive Park Run. It's challenging, but could be a welcome addition to your running routine.

The Future of t4r

Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight. A beginner's guide to an active lifestyle.

Work Advancing…
Running Blogger Interviews

Early Planning Stages (Don’t expect these for a long time)... A new look and feel for the website.

Ultimate Goals…
1. Have my own t4r beginner walk/run book for sale (I am extremely close to achieving this goal! I expect to release it in July)
2. A complete t4r instructional running video on track and cross country for sale.
3. How to train your cat to run with you. Why run with your dog when your cat can purr and prance with you on a nice jog. (Just kidding with this one.).
Thanks for reading. I hope you keep on visiting. Don't be afraid to Contact me to let me know what you liked or didn't like about the ezine or the website.

Take care - Coach Tief
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