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So, I run cross country at my school. This weekend, varsity is going to Kansas to run in a big and fun race. I'm scheduled to go, but have recently felt little twinges in my shin. If anything, it may hurt 5 times or less per day. It doesn't hurt when I run, unless I stop then start up again. now I'm not asking about the injury, but I was hoping you might have some advice on if I should tell my coach or not or if I should run Saturday? I feel as though the pain is not very bad and is manageable, I'm just being overly cautious...

You probably have the beginning stages of shin splints. This isn't a very serious problem in the beginning, but unless you don't take care of it and address the symptoms it can lead to things like a stress fracture.

I suggest you tell the coach that you are feeling this, but phrase this the exact way you told me. It doesn't hurt bad, but you are wondering exactly what you should do.

If it is manageable, you will be able to run races just fine. The things you may have to do though include icing your shins every day, working on strengthening them by doing certain exercises, and improving your running form so you don't put too much stress on this area of the leg.

So, the long and short of it is this. Tell your coach that it hurts a little, but you still want to race. He or she will help you with the treatment of the shins so it doesn't get worse, and you'll get to keep running.

Happy Trails - Coach Tief

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Oct 30, 2015
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