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by 400 and 3000 meter runner

I am only 12 but i am really serious about running. My friend went to a running shoe store and her shoes gave her blisters. I am not sure if i should buy a pair or go barefoot. I compete in track and i do the the 400m and the 3000m. What shoes would you suggest? I have another question too should i do the 3000 AND 400? I have long legs and my dad says I should do long distance but what do you think?


Wow. The 400 meter dash and the 3000 meter run. That is a big range of distances. You probably would be happiest somewhere in the middle, like running the mile. I actually ran both in college too, so it isn't totally weird to do these two events.

I actually suggest for now that you do both. The 400 meter dash is really about how much guts do you have. It helps to have endurance for this race, but you do need some foot speed to be successful. You can always end up running longer distances when you get older, so don't give up on this event if you are only 12.

As for the 3000, keep running that too. If you are headed for high school in a year or two, you could run cross country in the fall, which is a longer race. Then you could run the 400 during the track season in spring.

Now for the shoes. You should really get a pair. It isn't uncommon to get a blister or two when you get a new pair of running shoes. Running barefoot is something that runners do when they continuously get injured running in shoes. Running barefoot also takes a long time to get into. You have to build up the toughness of the bottom of your feet, and you have to really focus on running with great form. You can check here for more information on barefoot running if you are still interested.

When you shop for shoes, see if there is a running specialty store nearby that can properly fit you for running shoes. If there isn't a nice running shoe specialty store, go to a regular shoe store and try some on and run a little bit in the store to see what pair feels the best.

Happy Trails - Coach Tief

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