Over Safe or Just Chicken

by Zeke Engstrom
(Winston Salem, NC)

Im 63 retired Marine. While in corps ran 3 miles for test and usually ran 16 min or so.

Got out quit for about 12 yrs went to race and won age group 5k in bout 20min.

Lately i try to find comfort zone and just stay there my mind says be careful not to get injured and my heart says go for it but im chicken. Now plodding along about 24 min barely place in age group. Don't know to quit or what.

I say follow your heart and see what you can do. Start out slow like normal, and then for one minute pick up the pace. Go back to your regular pace for a while and see how your body feels. If you can handle the quicker pace, add some more one minute surges into your runs. Eventually, you'll start running all of your workouts faster if your body feels okay doing this.

Happy Trails - Coach Tief

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