No physical results yet :(

by Naomi
(Dorset, UK)


I have been trying to find out this answer for ages!!

I have always been fairly fit and have dabbled in and out of running for a few years, never really getting much further though than being able to run for 20 mins. However 2 months ago I started a proper running plan, as I entered a 10 mile race which is at the end of October.

So I'm 2 months into my training, and I feel much fitter which I'm really pleased about. However I do feel slightly disappointed that I can't see physical changes to my physique yet. I'm in no way overweight, but I do have a flabby tummy so have been trying to change my body composition. I'm aware that muscle is denser than fat however my clothes don't feel any looser at all yet. Is this normal? I was wondering if it was because I've only been doing longer runs (45 mins or so) for the last couple of weeks and that maybe once I've done a few more of these changes will happen? I'm mixing up my training with circuit style stuff and kettlebells, and I was really hoping I'd be a bit more svelte and toned by now!!!

When do you think I'll notice a difference?

Many thanks


Hello Naomi,

Everyone is different, but I would think from what you have told me that you should start seeing a difference soon. Everything you told me sounds excellent as far as getting in shape and toning. Make sure you do some sit ups or core work to tighten up your midsection.

I trained for a half marathon this summer, and some weight finally came off about a month before the race. All told, I lost 10 pounds during the training, but it wasn't until 2 months into the 3 months of training that I noticed any weight loss.

Just keep training for your race. I have found that when I have a goal not connected to weight loss (finishing the half marathon) I end up doing better than just saying I am going to run to lose weight.

Stay positive. You're on the right track and good luck with your race. The longer runs will definitely help you with your weight loss goals and your race.

Happy Trails - Coach Tief.

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Oct 29, 2015
eat NEW

You have to change your eating habits, too. Look in the internet what is the best way to eat while have running activities. Then there will be results.

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