Mid-Season Slump...

by Josh M.


What are some workouts or things I can do to get out of, or prevent a mid-season slump, when improvement is slow or even at a standstill?

Josh M.

Hello Josh,

There isn't one simple answer, but the best thing to do is change up your workout routine. During the XC season, my runners would typically cycle through different workout types every three or four weeks. The first 3-4 weeks of the season, we would focus on hills and longer intervals with short recovery.

The second 3-4 week section of the season would be focused on Tempo Runs and Fartleks. This helped build up that stamina for holding a fast pace for a long time, as well as making sure we are touching speed with fartlek workouts, but not peaking just yet.

The final 3-4 week section of the season saw us focusing on shorter speedier interval workouts, but we still mixed in one longer run each week. I always felt that cutting mileage is a good idea, and most of our runs are shorter the last part of the year, but keeping that longer run in there once a week gives you that edge, that aerobic strength that is so necessary late in the season.

Maybe one of these ideas could help you? I hope you bust out of your slump. Here's a video of some different race strategy ideas.

Happy Trails - Coach Tief

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