I...I......I haven't been training as i should

by Mykenna
(St. Albert, Alberta, Canada)

Alright so... Last year... I was all for the training part and I actually did really good in my 1500 race. But see, this year, i got a little bit lazy, since I am in Basketball... I used that as my excuse to not practice. My track meet is at the beginning of June. So my question is, is there any exercises(that don't involve any equipment) That would be profitable to do?? Thanks soooo much if there is =)

Well, one bonus from playing basketball is that your speed and quickness should be there. This means you have to build up your endurance.

I don't really think you need any equipment because you should just get out there and do some distance running.

Your weekness will be your lack of stamina. You probably have enough speed, but not the endurance to hold onto that speed for a long enough time.

You don't need to do any lifting or any weird drills, you just have to get out there and do some distance runs.

June is a long way off. Are you in track? If not you should try and run at least three times a week or more. Just start out with some easy runs and build up that endurance.

Eventually, you should get more comfortable running distance runs, and then you should start pushing the pace on your distance runs to get an idea of how fast you could run in your June race.

Happy Trails - Coach Tief

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Oct 29, 2015
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by: www.top-essays-uk.com

I had the same thing three years ago. I had a pause in training cause of health. It was very hard for me to start again.

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