I run naked on the sharp and pointy stuff

by Krista Cavender
(Rocklin, CA)

I'm beginning the barefoot journey as well. I've just started a blog to document my experience. (http://nakedonsharppointystuff.blogspot.com/).

Because I'm just starting out, my experience so far has been limited but successful. (I got only one friction blister on my first run.) I have been running pose for a little over a year which helped me transition to barefoot nicely. I'm still not making any judgements, but so far I love the fact that I don't need to attach a pair of heavy ultra motion control bricks to my feet when I run. My only issue is I love running with my Nike+ Sensor, but where can I put that?

I have plans to invest in a pair of KSO five fingers after I've gone naked for a while. At any rate, good luck with your journey! Good to know there are other "crazies" out there!

Keep us posted Krista! I actually run more with the Vibram KSO Five Fingers than totally barefoot, especially when it gets colder here in Wisconsin. I wouldn't call running barefoot "crazy." Part of running is seeing what works for you. I call running barefoot "fun!"

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