How to improve my 5km

by Marcos Pinto
(Sao Paulo, SP, Brasil)

Hello, my name is Marcos, I am from Sao Paulo, Brasil and would like to improve my 5km (16:32,2). I train 6 days a week, on tuesdays and fridays I have sessions of interval training (Tusdays 15x400m - 1'12" rest 90" and Fridays 5x1000m - 3'10" rest 200m jogging, or 15x300m - 50" rest 100m walking and 4x1600m - 5'14" rest 2 minutes.

On Wednesdays 15km/16km - 3'58' p/km. On Saturdays 8km - 10km - 3'25" p/km. On Sundays 20km/24km - 4'00" p/km and on Mondays 10km easy pace (5'00" p/km).

Marcos Pinto

Hey Marcos

It sounds like you have some good running workouts lined up. I wouldn't change much of anything. There are always other things you can focus on, besides the workouts though. How is your diet? Do you eat healthy? What about rest? Do you get enough sleep?

The best article that I have on this site about improving at the 5k or the 10k was written by a collegiate champion that lives near me. Read this article to see all the different things you can do to improve.

Now this is a very advanced program, but maybe you will see something that you want to incorporate into your routine.

Happy Trials - Coach Tief

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