how hard and long should i train over the winter for spring track?

by Eduardo mendoza
(Taos new mexico)

I am planning on running the 3200m primarily in track and the 1600m once in a while. I want to have my best season as my goals are 9:45 for the 3200m and 4:25 for the 1600m. However I don't want to peak at the beginning of the season. What workouts should I do and how fast should I go? Im planning on incorporating long runs, fartleks, tempos, and short easy intervals. Im starting to run on December and track starts in March. However I do not want to run intervals that will make me burn out and have a slow ending season. How should I train over these 3 months to build a solid base and run that 2 mile really fast? And also should I lift weights?

Hello Eduardo

I'm sorry I missed your question. I was going back through my files and found this. I would do more base workouts, but don't be afraid to touch speed two or three times per week.

That means you can do intervals, fartleks, and tempo runs at the max three times in the week. The rest should be distance runs. If you want, you can always add a few strides or sprints after a distance run so you "touch speed" daily. This will keep your racing legs on edge, which is always good.

As for weights, that is always a good idea. The best really is core work. Upper body strength is a bit overrated for distance runners. The most important part is a strong abdomen to hold form in tough races when you are fatigued.

I wouldn't worry about peaking at the beginning of the season. If you are very concerned, make sure you don't back off on your training the week or two before the season starts. Train hard right into the season. Also, what's the worst thing that can happen, you run a Personal Record right away? That's never a bad thing!

Happy Trails - Coach Tief

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