First Half Cancelled!

by Paulina

So my half marathon was cancelled this past weekend and it was supposed to be my first one. I've been training for two months and was really bummed to miss out on the chance to run. Now they offered a discount for another half in about a month BUT it is much hillier. Is it a bad idea to run my first half on a hilly course? I'm just concerned that I'll be overwhelmed by the hills, which are not my strong point to begin with, but I also just want to get out there and RACE. Thanks so much.

Hello Paulina,

To put it bluntly, that sucked that your half-marathon was cancelled. You don't have to run the next one on the hillier course if you don't want. It depends upon where you live, but if you are near a major city, there will probably be other opportunities to run a half marathon nearby.

When I am looking for races, I just do a search on the internet and see what is available in my area. For instance, check out this website for more half marathon races in your area.

If you aren't concerned with the time you will run it in, then go ahead and run the race. Just make sure you keep on training this month so that you maintain your level of fitness, or even improve upon it.

Here's a video about keeping up your current level of endurance.

Happy Trails - Coach Tief

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