Did I qualify for Boston????

I'm new to running so forgive me if this is a stupid question.

I ran the Richmond Marathon in November of this year.

I'm a 49 year old female and I ran a 3:59:56. I needed to run a 3:55 to qualify for Boston, but someone told me that I could use my time for the next 2 years. Is this true?

Again, I will still be 49 when the 2013 Boston Marathon will be run in 2013...my birthday is July 26. So did I qualify for Boston? Does this make since????


This definitely isn't a stupid question, as qualifying for the Boston Marathon can be quite confusing. The short answer is, yes you qualified to "register" for the 2014 marathon, but not the 2013 marathon.

Are you still confused? Let me help you!

The 2013 marathon is already filled up. You couldn't use this time even if you wanted to. However, the 2014 hasn't started the registration process yet. When the 2014 Boston Marathon happens, you will be 50 years old. Therefore, your 3:59:56 time will qualify you for the registration process.

Here's the next confusing part. In order to register for the race you will have to wait until late September of 2013. The faster runners get to register first, followed by the people who just made it under for their qualifying time. You will have to wait probably two weeks before you can register, and then submit your registration. If the Boston Marathon gets more people registering than it can put in the field, it starts elimitating people who were just under the qualifying time. That might be you.

On the bright side, this year, everyone who registered on time got in if they had the qualifying time.

Your head is probably spinning, but I hope this clears up some of your questions. Feel free to run another marathon to see if you can improve upon your finish time. Chances are, you'll run faster in your second marathon anyways. The Boston 2014 Marathon is a long way away, so I would do another anyways between now and then.

Read this article if you want more information on the Boston Marathon.

Happy Trails - Coach Tief

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Did I qualify for Boston? NEW
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