Barefoot running in the suburbs.

by Clint Voris
(Fort Wayne, IN)

Me, after 1 mile on asphalt.

Me, after 1 mile on asphalt.

Hi everyone;

It's summer now in Indiana, and I'm still running (mostly) barefoot. I get a little over one mile, every few days of running. Most of it is on either grass, or 'chip-n-seal' asphalt. That stuff is a lot sharper than you think!

Anyway, I discovered a new danger to barefoot running, that I haven't seen anyone else talk about yet; Fertilizer granules.

Most folks in the housing additions fertilize their law in the spring or summer (think 'Weed and Feed'.) When applying these little granules, they get broadcast onto the sidewalks, where I sometimes run barefoot.

These things hurt! It's like stepping in tiny little pebbles; it's not the end of the run, but it's enough to make me keep a wary eye out for them.

Normal foot traffic, plus some wind and rain, and they're gone from the sidewalks in a few days. Either tough it out for a few steps, dodge them, or run on the street for a few strides. Keep running barefoot!

Fort Wayne IN

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