Weight loss problems for professional sportsmen

There are some domains where losing weight or gaining weight can be a real problem. Much of this has to do with the professional sport industry.

The first part of this story is about those professional sportsmen who have to lose weight in a particular time limit.The reason why they do this is because at some athletic events there are weight limits, for example in boxing or judo where it is a little bit difficult. After the preparation status if you go over the weight limit at the official measuring it can cause exclusion from the event.

A perfect example of this situation is when a couple of years ago a first class boxer, world champion at the time, weighed a few hundred grams more at the official measuring and lost his world title at the green table. Even if he got a second chance from the measuring policy he could not manage to lose the extra weight in 1 hour.

Professional sportsmen practice programs are filled with weight loss programs and diets. But losing weight in a short period of time can have disastrous consequences for the event itself, because the weight you have to lose will really end up in losing precious energy, that is why it is recommended to have a weight loss program that is worked out well and attached to your practice cycles and competition calendar.

It is even more difficult to combine your practice program with procedures of losing or maintaining weight, furthermore have an eye on the substances you use, because some can contain prohibited substances due to the international Olympic comity’s anti-doping policies.

For amateur and hobby sportsmen, even if they are competing on a potentially low level, it is not a problem to gain a little more weight or to lose weight and optimize the performance with less body weight. Using substances that go beyond the doping regulations is not such a problem either, but if it comes to Olympic or world class events and competitions, the athletes receive advice and are guided by professional nutritionists and a complete staff of doctors, even scientists in the domain.

- by Susan Brown

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