Spira Shoes add spring to your step!

Spira shoes are very intriguing. Their technology of coiled springs return a lot of the energy you normally lose when you land. They are so effective at returning more energy than a normal shoe, this shoe brand has been banned by the USATF (United States of America Track and Field).

The technology in their shoes helps reduce the stress of running on your legs. Here is a tips4running readers comments about using Spira running shoes.

I bought the Spira Striker in June. I've never been able to consider myself as a runner because anytime I've tried to start running I usually came up with something sore on my body that I used as an excuse to stop.

I've managed to keep running this whole summer and even participated in a Triathlon Sprint. The one time I ran without the Spiras I ended up having to ice my knee that night. I like them and will probably have to buy another pair of them when these wear out. - Jim

My only criticism is this brand is kind of expensive when compared to some other brand names out there. Even with a higher price tag they can save you money in the future. You may be getting a good deal because they tend to last longer than a regular training running shoe.

Before you go shopping to buy a pair in the store, you can compare prices of Spira Shoes right here.

Even though these shoes can help prevent injury, you still need to follow some basic guidelines when running. First, don't increase your distance ran by more than 10 percent each week. Also, don't ignore any previous aches and pains thinking that these shoes will cure them. You have to get healthy first in order to benefit from the right pair of running shoes.

Enough talk. It's time to lace them up, get out the door and go for a run. Good luck!

- Written by David Tiefenthaler

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