Running vs Walking - Which one is right for you?

Running vs Walking. Which one is better? That really depends upon a number of factors. Before you randomly pick one over the other, lets look a the positives and negatives of each activity.

Let’s compare the two activities in a few different categories.

Chance of Injury from Walking or Running.

Walking is a low impact activity that you can do for the rest of your life. You don’t have to stop walking when you get older. It is pretty hard to over do it with walking.

Running, on the other hand can cause many injuries. You have to build up the amount you run slowly. You have to run with good form, or else bad running form can lead to injury.

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Opportunities to Walk or Run.

You can incorporate walking into many different parts of your life. Some examples of how you can walk more include parking far away from a destination and walking the rest of the way. You can walk more at work. I am a teacher, and I am constantly walking around my room to check on the kids instead of sitting at my desk. You can walk outside, inside at a mall, or even on a treadmill.

Running takes more planning and preparation. You should stretch before a run. Also, you can’t just take off and run at your place of work or in the middle of the mall. Well, I guess you could run then, but that’s not really socially acceptable.

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Walk or Run for Weight Loss.

Walking is great for weight loss if you walk a pretty fair amount each day. A commonly accepted distance walked per day is about five miles. Another way to measure this is by using pedometer. Five miles equals about 10,000 steps. You don’t have to walk five miles at one time, but it is recommended that you walk about two miles continuously in a day to help you lose weight.

Running burns calories at a tremendous clip. If you walk one mile, you actually burn less calories than you would if you ran one mile. In less time, you can burn off more calories by running. It’s a simple formula. The faster you go, the more calories you burn. This applies to walking and running.

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Equipment Needed for Walking or Running.

For walking, all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes. This can be anything that fits nice on your feet. My wife loves her flip flops, but she doesn’t wear them when we go for a long walk. I actually suggest buying running shoes even if you just walk. You can wear just about anything for walking, but loose fitting, comfortable clothes work best.

You only really need running shoes for running. You can wear a t-shirt and shorts and be just fine as far as clothes are concerned. If it is colder outside, wear your clothes in thin layers. I wear two long sleeved shirts over my upper body, and a pair of shorts under some sweatpants on my legs in colder weather.

Walking and running require very little equipment.

Edge - Tie

So what is the best for you - Both! You can always walk. You should make sure to walk often. It is such a great activity that you can do almost anywhere at anytime. Try to mix in a little jogging. As you get in better shape, increase the amount you jog so you can jog at least three times a week. You can take both activities a step further (no pun intended) and follow a specific program to walk or run to lose weight. I highly recommend the Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight plan. It is a simple step-by-step program for walking or running.

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