Are you a Running Blogger? Coach Tief wants to hear your story.

I just started this website in Winter of 2008. Since then, I have been locked into reading about running on the internet. What I found to be the most enjoyable reading was stories by runners who blog. I love reading the blogs to find out the different reasons why people start running.

One of my favorites is Run Bulldog Run. This blog is about Steve Speirs's running and triatholon experiences.

Do you want to share your story with Coach Tief and I love interviewing runners, no matter what skill level. Just share with us your story.

Fill out the contact form, and make sure to include the address to your running blog. I will read your running blog and then come up with 10-15 questions to email you. You can send back your answers and I'll post the interview here. Feel free to post it as well on your running blog. It's a win win!

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Here is my running story. Running is one of the most rewarding activities out there. You definitely get out of running what you put into it. I hope to hear from you soon - Coach Tief.

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