Serious Racers, Increase Your Speed with Racing Flats or Racing Spikes.

Get some Racing Flats if you want feel faster in a race. These shoes are different than running spikes, because they are designed for running on the road. It is possible to get both in one shoe too. There are racing spikes that have the holes recessed so you can race with or without spikes using the same shoe.

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When you want to buy a pair, compare prices of Men's and Women's Racing Flats Online. All the major brand name companies make high quality flats.

Don't purchase this type of shoe if you are not competitive. They wear out quicker than a training shoe. These delicate shoes can only take between 100 to 200 miles before breaking down, but you can wear them once in a while for a hard workout. I have my Cross Country and Track runners put them on occasionally when I want a particularily intense practice.

If you have never worn a pair of flats or spikes, try some on. They feel great when you race. Compared to training shoes, you'll feel like you can fly in them. They usually are cheaper than training shoes too.

Any varsity high school runner should really invest in a pair. On my team, if you can't get any because of a lack of money, we ask other teammates for old pairs. If you are a coach, I suggest asking seniors to donate theirs at the end of the year to the team.

In fact, my first year in high school cross country, I only had training shoes. At the second last race of the year I ran fast enough to qualify to run on the varsity team. The coach then had an older runner give me his racing flats, so I could run varsity for the last race. I felt bad for the older runner, but I sure ran fast in them. Imagine if I took his shoes and then ran awful.

So there you have it. I hope you know if you need a pair of these shoes now. If you do want a lighter racing shoe, but you don't still know what to get, go with recessed spikes. This way you can run road races along with race on a track or cross country course.

- Written by David Tiefenthaler

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