Pool Running - Aqua Jogging - Save Your Legs and Stay Fit.

Pool Running – Aqua jogging – Have you tried it yet? The benefits of running in the pool are tremendous. You get to take pressure off your legs, which is always good, and you can keep your fitness level, which is great. This exercise is when you run in place in the water. If this isn't what you were looking for, check out swimming for runners.

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A lot of serious runners use these workouts when their injured and can’t pound the pavement. You can maintain fitness while your injuries heal doing pool running workouts. I suggest you don’t wait to get injured. Incorporate aqua jogging, or some cross training in your schedule to keep your legs healthy and happy.

Aqua jogging sounds exactly like what it is. You jog in a pool. Most runners use a flotation device wrapped around their waste, and run in the deep end so their legs don’t hit the bottom. You can look at some aqua jogger vests here. Using a vest and floating in the water takes all the pressure off of your joints.

You can jog in shallow water, but you won’t save your legs as much. I actually prefer running right at the deepest point where I touch the ground, but my head is just out of the water. I hate the aqua vests. I know it doesn’t save my legs as much as being in the deep end, but I’m a land lover I guess.

No matter if you’re off the deep end or in the shallows, the workout strategy should be the same. Structure your time in the water like a regular run. I suggest mixing in some speed work. Go easy for the first five to ten minutes, then go hard one minute, easy the next. It keeps you from getting too bored.

I bring a football around when there is a group of working out together in the pool. It passes the time so much faster when you are playing catch. Time sure goes slow when you are in the middle of a pool, thrashing away and going nowhere. Well, there you have it. Now get in your suit, save your legs, and get wet.

- Written by David Tiefenthaler

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