New Years Resolutions For Runners - Ten Ideas To Keep You Running

Do you need some motivation for 2010? Here are some New Years Resolutions for Runners. Actually, they are my running resolutions, but hopefully at least one of these ideas can help keep running fresh and fun for you.

I get tired of doing the same route or same workout over and over again. These ideas are designed to break up the monotony that distance running can become. Let's get to the resolutions!

1. I won't wear my watch on every run. Comparing your time to previous runs can make me too competitive. I should just relax and enjoy the run. rry about pace or distance, just enjoy the run.

2. I will enter into a race I have never ran before. Look for a cool course to run, or a different distance to race. In 2009, I ran at Miller Park in Milwaukee. Part of the 5K course lead you around the warning track on the Milwaukee Brewers baseball field. After I finished the race, I turned around and did my cool down on the warning track so I could be on the field again. I think this year I will try to run in a 5K in Madison that goes into the Wisconsin Badgers football field, Camp Randall.

3. I won't run a prescribed route all the time. I don't know if this is admirable or pathetic, but I know the exact time that I want to be at on almost every corner of every route that I run. What I should be doing is turning to run down different streets or different trails, so I don't get so caught up in the pace I am running. Plus, running relaxed helps me get a better workout.

4. I will run barefoot more often. This really isn't a viable option right now in the Wisconsin winter. When it warms up though, I will start running some more without my shoes. I ran a few miles this summer barefoot, and it was really fun. I also wan't to buy some Vibram FiveFinger shoes. If you are interested in these minimalist shoes, you can compare prices of Vibram Fivefingers Here.

5. I will plan running into my day. This isn't the most exciting resolution, but it is probably the most important for me. If I don't get up early before work, I won't run in the afternoon. Plan on running or you end up planning to fail.

6. I will run more miles and more times than last year. This shouldn't be hard for me because my wife had our third and final child in 2009. Our baby boy is much less needy now, so I should be able to run a bit more instead of rocking him to sleep.

7. I will try some different workouts. I don't run intervals or fartleks that often, but I should to keep me sharp. I might do these more when I am preparing for a race.

8. I won't run when I am injured. I know this isn't the most exciting resolution, but it is extremely important. Last summer, I build my mileage up very slowly and avoided injury. My knees were sore a few times, so I backed off on those days. Because of this I didn't always meet my mileage goals week to week, but I didn't miss any extended time. This was invaluable to me. It's better to miss a few days instead of a few months. I have to remind myself often that there is a thin line between toughness and stupidity.

9. I will run with my wife, or help her so she can start running again. We are very blessed to have three children in the last four years, but that means my wife hasn't run much in a long time. This summer, she plans on starting to run again. We have two jogging strollers, so we will walk/run with the whole family. She has already told me that I shouldn't push her like I do with the runners I coach, so I need to walk if she wants to walk or jog slow when she wants to go slow.

10. I will run a marathon in the next three years. I know it won't happen in 2010, but I am seriously considering running one soon. With the three younger kids and work, there isn't enough time for my selfish running goals. When they get a bit older though, I plan on following Marius Bakken's 100 Day Marathon Plan. I've read through a lot of different Marathon Training Schedules, and this one is by far the most comprehensive training regimen. Plus, I think it would help me to run it relatively fast instead of just finishing it.

Those are my New Years Resolutions for Runners. Do any of mine sound like they could be yours too? Write your own down. I wish you the best of luck, and Happy New Years!

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