The Matt McCue Book Tour - Matt stops at my school to talk about An Honorable Run

"How do you define success?" asked Matt McCue.

It's a great question that Matt posed to my students and track athletes. Are you successful when you finish first? Can you find success if you don't reach your goals?

An Honorable Run was written by Matt McCue. It details his quest to become a great high school and collegiate runner. Matt was dedicated to running, and tried to find success with the help of two mentors, his high school coach, and his collegiate coach.

As Matt pushes towards his goals, he makes some mistakes. Helping him through his best moments and his worst is his high school track and cross country coach, Bob Brown. Also, Matt earns the chance to run for the one of the most revered coaches in college, Mark Wetmore at the University of Colorado.


During the midwest part of his spring book tour, he stopped at my middle school. Before he came to the school, we started a book club. Twenty sixth graders read the book before his arrival. We celebrated his visit in grand fashion with a pizza party. In addition to the book club, Matt gave a great speech to all 200 of our sixth grade students. At the end of the school day, Matt spoke to and ran with the high school track team.


The message for both the middle school students and the high school track athletes was clear. Find something you are passionate about in life. Work hard to reach your goals. Don't listen to those who doubt you even if it is your best friends. In the end, you'll find the true meaning of success. It lies within the journey as long as you give it An Honorable Run.

- Written by David Tiefenthaler

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