Marathon Walk and Run Workout - Make Your Long Runs Count Right Away

What are the benefits of a marathon walk and run workout? Use a long walk and run workout to prepare yourself for the day of your race. You need to get used to being on your feet for an extended period of time.

Why walk and run? A lot of marathon runners have it set in their mind that walking is like giving up. Once they walk, they feel as if they have lost all hope. Maybe that can be your attitude on a race day, but a longer walk and run mixed into your training can help you more than you think. There are two huge benefits to this type of workout.

1. It extends amount of time that you are on your feet. Why is this important? In many marathon training programs, the longest run you have to do is 20-22 miles. This a great training run, don’t get me wrong. The problem with that being your longest workout is in the real marathon, you will be out on the road, on your feet for even longer.

By doing longer walk runs, you can simulate the amount of time that you will be out there on marathon day. This extended time period walking along with your run gives you added physical strength, and it makes you mentally tougher. The marathon will go a lot quicker than you think if you are used to working out for a longer period of time.

Also, you can start doing this type of workout early on in your marathon training program. Every week, when you do your long run, you should add the walking element too it. Even if your long run for the week is eight miles, make sure to walk for a long time too. You will be setting yourself up for better training runs in the future and for a more enjoyable marathon race.

2. It strengthens your stamina because the marathon walk and run workout alters your heart rate. Compared to running, walking will obviously slow your heart rate down. Mixing up the walking and running makes your heart rate vary. Many of the workouts including the longer walk and runs in the 100 Day Marathon Plan are based upon your heart rate.

Why does this help so much? A lot of runners train too hard and actually hurt their chances for success. By monitoring your heart rate, you can find the optimal work out zone for you. Chances are, it is more relaxed running than you would expect. It is impossible for me to explain a specific workout because it all depends on your heart rate and fitness level.

The Marathon Walk and Run Workout is part of the 100 Day Marathon Plan. I strongly suggest this plan because it enables you to get into fantastic shape without burning you out. It was designed by a two time Olympic Runner and Medical Doctor. You'll learn how to train smart instead of too hard so you get to the start line on race day injury free and super fit. Good luck!

- Written by David Tiefenthaler

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