The Marathon Plan Scam - The Truth about The 100 Day Marathon Plan

I've read a lot about a supposed new marathon plan scam. The new marathon plan I am speaking about is Marius Bakken's 100 Day Marathon Plan. Is this plan a scam? In one word - NO! It's the best marathon training program on the market. Let's look at why people may think this is a marathon plan scam.

1. The plan costs $47. This seems like a lot of money, however a marathon is 26.2 miles. That's less than 2 dollars per mile for the race. Also, your training will take over three months, so I wouldn't worry about the cost if the training program is effective.

The 100 Day Marathon Plan 2. The plan is an e-book. Why not just publish the book? The plan includes 25 instructional videos which obviously can't be included in a printed copy. It is extremely easy to use as an e-book. Once you purchase the plan, you download it to your computer immediately. No waiting, no shipping and handling. You can start your planning and training the day you buy the 100 Day Marathon plan. 3. It's new. There aren't a lot of testimonials or word of mouth about how it has helped runners improve because it came out in 2009. It will take a little while for the testimonials to come out because many of the buyers are in the middle of their training right now. I can tell you one way that you can gauge how effective it is. Look at the return rate. There is a money back guarantee with the plan. Since it was put on the market less than 1 in 200 people return the plan for their money back. If you buy it and don't like it, send it back.

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4. The training looks too intense. It's true you do have some workouts that take a lot of time, but they aren't too hard. A lot of the workouts are based upon your heart rate. Marius Bakken doesn't want you to run to the extreme. The workouts are designed to increase your fitness without pushing incredibly hard. 5. I don't know who Marius Bakken is? Does he have the qualifications to write a marathon training book? Marius Bakken was a two time Olympic Distance Runner. Currently, he is working to become a Doctor. Because of his medical background, the plan is also designed to help you avoid injury. You get the best of both worlds with the plan, an effective training regimen from an elite distance runner who understands how to build your endurance without hurting you. I hope this answers some of your questions or fears. Running a marathon is a serious endeavor. Shouldn't you buy a serious plan? I've read the plan cover to cover. This is no marathon plan scam. The amount of knowledge that I have gained from it is incredible. You'll forever be a better runner when you buy the plan. You can always ask more questions by contacting me, or go ahead and check out the 100 Day Marathon Plan for yourself. - Written by David Tiefenthaler Related Articles

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