Beginner Walk and Run - Mix in jogging during a walk

A beginner walk and run workout can help you gradually work your way into shape. Walk and run workouts are excellent for someone who wants to try the sport of running, but doesn’t want to jump in all the way right away.

Running is tough and by mixing jogging periodically into a walk, you can increase your level of fitness without risking injury or burnout. A lot of people get discouraged with trying to run because they do too much too soon. Running is a lifestyle sport. You don’t just decide to be a runner one day and then run five miles. Getting in shape should be a relaxed and enjoyable process.

How do you get into running then? There are three simple steps.

1. Start walking four to seven times a week.
2. After at least two weeks of walking consistently, start to mix jogging into your walk.
3. Every week add a little more jogging time to your walk.

For a much more detailed schedule, I suggest the Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight fitness plan. There are three different schedules that you can use to get fit and lose weight. Here’s why it is such a great way to start up a running program. First of all, everyone can achieve some level of success by walking everyday. Walking is a totally under-rated and under-appreciated activity. The natural transition for someone who wants to become a runner is to start with walking.

A huge benefit of walking and mixing in jogging is you increase the amount of weight you can lose. A little more exercise means more calories burned. If you keep up with this consistently, you’ll be fit for life.

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