How did I get all these running tips in one place? Find out about t4r now!

Hello! Thanks for taking interest in t4r - This page is all about t4r. I hope to answer any questions you have about how I created this website, and why I wanted to put all my tips for running here. You can always contact with any comments, questions, or concerns. Another way to stay in touch is to visit my writing blog.

First of all, I never could have done this without the help of one person, and one program. My wife is the person I need to thank. She is kind, loving, understanding, and also a great runner. She helps me to add a different perspective on some issues here in the website.

There is a story behind how much of my life I owe to running. My personal and professional career (I'm a coach and a teacher) all are a result of running. Look here to read the running saga that is my life.

The program that made this possible is called Site Build It. To see what this all in one web development package is, watch Site Build It TV. I got my domain name, web host, web designer program, and more importantly all the information I would ever need to know from them. They even have private forums where other SBI owners share information on how to make each others websites better. I go there all the time to get tips on how to improve this site.

If you have passion for one subject, mine is running, and you want to share your information with the world, then use Solo Build It. It takes some time, but if you like your subject as much as I like mine, you will love making your own successful website. Now, I make money talking about running. How cool is that! is now a couple of years old. It gets over 15,000 visitors per month. It's so successful that I have started another site about a subject I am very interested in, Radiant Heat. I also convinced my mother, a retired teacher, to make a site about her passion, gardening.

Use Solo Build It so you can learn about, develop, build, and manage a web site. Before I started this project, I had no experience on building an internet site. None! All I could do was use a word processor. Solo Build It taught me how to create Build your site, and do it right with Solo Build It.

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments about t4r or Solo Build It, feel free to contact me. Your running tips and questions will help me to make even better.

- Written by David Tiefenthaler

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