4wks btwn marathons

by Molly
(Tulsa, OK)

I just did my second marathon last Sunday in Omaha. I will be in Columbus next month and want to run the marathon there but not sure how to train with just 4 wks between these two. I am 50 and slow. Have never been injured since I started running 2 yrs ago and want to keep it that way :-) Not out to break any big records. Just don't know what kinda mileage I should be doing now. Thanks for any advice.

Hello Molly,

If avoiding injury is your main concern, then I would let your legs recover from this last marathon, before you worry about what to do between your next marathon.

Let's say all is well after the first one. You should be sore because, well, you just ran a marathon, but overall nothing out of the ordinary aches and pains. I would suggest in this scenario mixing in one long run between the two races. Probably the best time would be exactly two weeks between the two races.

This long run should be very typical to a longer run you would do when training for your first marathon. Anything from about 14 to 18 miles would be sufficient.

Let's look at the mileage for each week. The first week after your first marathon should be very minimal. Anything from a total of 10 to 25 miles is great.

The next week, I would shoot for about 30 miles, but half of those miles should come from the long run at the end of this week.

The next two weeks are more about tapering and making sure you are 100 percent for the next marathon, so 20 miles per week would be a good number to shoot for. Really, it's all about feel. The biggest thing is to make sure your legs feel good, but you don't want to not do anything at all either.

Happy Trails - Coach Tief

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