4 weeks to train

by Miranda

So recently I have been struck with a series of sicknesses that made me unable to train for seven weeks. My doctor is now saying that with how bad I had it, I will have to wait another 8-10 weeks before I can start any sort of track practice. This will put me at four weeks until districts with no training what-so-ever for nearly four months. I typically run 800s and 400s and I was wondering what you believe would be the most efficient way to get in shape in these 4 short weeks.

Hello Miranda,

I am so sorry about how you came down with an unfortunate illness that has left you unable to train.

If you only have four weeks to train, you really only have three weeks to get yourself ready to race. What I mean by that is, it takes about a week for your body to adapt and incorporate any physical work you do.

The way I see it is you have to stay positive and see how you feel the first week back. Don't overdue it because you could injure yourself and not even have a chance to run.

Hopefully you can get in a race after about two weeks back and see exactly where you are. Your coaches should be the best judge of your fitness, along with yourself.

I would focus on building as much speed as possible, because it is too short of a time to really stack up some solid endurance.

Also, while you are waiting, make sure you are eating as healthy of a diet as possible, and getting as much rest as you can too. These are two often overlooked parts of a training program. It will help you to recover quickly from workouts when the time comes, and hopefully help you recover from being sick quicker.

Happy Trails - Coach Tief

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